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A New Solution for Pain: Spinal Decompression

When patients visit our office for the first time, they’re often in pain. You’re looking for a solution to your problems, and a health care practitioner that will give you options to help your healing. Our spinal decompression service has given our patients an amazing 100% success rate!

Help for a Range of Problems

woman back painThe Acuspine spinal decompression machine is great for anyone who’s experiencing problems in the neck and lumbar spine:

  • Bulging disc
  • Disc degeneration
  • Herniated discs
  • Radiating pain, numbness, burning or tingling in the arms or legs
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis

All of these conditions result in severe pain. The Acuspine machine decompresses the injured disc, allowing pressure to be taken off of your nerves.

A 100% Success Rate

The high success rate we see at Nova Spine & Knee Center isn’t necessarily something another doctor would give you, even with the same type of machine. I’m the only chiropractor in the Virginia-Maryland-DC tri-state area who is nationally certified to use this machine. Patients using Acuspine usually report about an 86% success rate, but our knowledge of exactly what to do before, during and after the procedure is what has allowed us to see 100% success.

A Specific Plan for Healing

Our office follows a strict plan to get our patients to pain-free living with the use of Acuspine, learned during the rigorous certification process I completed.

When you arrive, you’ll get electrical stimulation to relax your muscles. Next, I’ll give you an adjustment specific to your problems. You’ll then go on the Acuspine machine for about a half-hour. Once that’s done, you’ll receive another of our new, highly advanced solutions: cold laser therapy. This therapy reduces inflammation tremendously, penetrating deep into your muscles.

In fact, we’ve had many patients feel a difference after receiving cold laser therapy just one time! Your visit is completed in about an hour.

What You Can Expect

The normal amount of visits needed is usually 30-34. We find our patients start to see results much more quickly than that, with pain reducing by 30-40% in just 10-14 visits. We’ll do X-rays before starting and when your care has concluded, so we can show you the difference in your spine.

Start Feeling Better Today!

This procedure is pain-free and noninvasive. You’ll feel comfortable every step of the way. I’ll walk you through each part of the visit before beginning anything, so you’ll know what you can expect. You’ll find you’re sleeping better and functioning better as your body starts to heal.

We invite you to schedule your highly personalized health care experience by contacting us today!

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