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Sports Chiropractic in Annandale

Elevate Your Game

man and woman doing kettle bell planks in a gymWhatever your sport and level, chiropractic care can help you play at your personal best. At Nova Spine & Knee Center, we treat many professional athletes in many sports, who recognize that keeping their nervous systems functioning optimally through regular chiropractic adjustments keeps their bodies moving properly. If two athletes with equal ability compete, the one who receives chiropractic care has a competitive edge.

Chiropractic adjustments remove pressure on the nerves, so all the systems of the body work properly. When your body is in proper alignment, your muscles aren’t straining to hold an incorrect position, and when everything is working optimally, your joints are better lubricated. All this combines to create an athlete who can perform at peak levels.

Helping Recreational Athletes

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to reap the rewards of chiropractic care. Weekend warriors and people who enjoy staying active in any physical endeavor can keep their bodies healthy, so they can enjoy their activities more through the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic care also enables the body to heal better and faster after an injury—but we’d rather help you avoid injuries in the first place.

We treat every patient the same—with unmatched skill and compassion—and our recreational golf patients get the same level of expert care as NFL players. Dr. Reza loves helping everyone get the most out of life.

Giving Athletes Hope

A recent success story came about when an undefeated professional UFC fighter suffered a herniated disc. He didn’t want surgery, and he went to multiple doctors, including other chiropractors, who told him surgery was his only option. Dr. Reza designed a non-surgical spinal decompression treatment plan for him, and he can fight again.

Let us help you perform at your highest level. Contact us today to schedule.


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